martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

Mexican Traditional Candies

Alfeñiques is grazes of cook,prim sugar and twisted in bars, that are pinted of green or pink.
Aleluyas are gazes of almond, that offered the Saturday of Gloria.
Yemitas is a small soft egg balls with nut, pinion or almonds.
Other candies are jericallas, alfajores, coconut, jamoncillos, merengues, and crystallized fruits. All of these were created in the nunneries.

It was located to the southwest of the Templo Mayor, Mexico City.
There, the people interchanged great variety products, used the cacao like currency.
The governors in charge to maintained the control in Tlatelolco.
The main merchandise was salt. (that become of the water of the salty lagoon)